The Natural Bridge Historical Society, Inc. (NBHS)

is a nonprofit Citizen Support Organization (CSO) established under the laws of Florida to preserve and promote the historical, cultural, and recreational value of the Natural Bridge Battlefield Historic State Park in cooperation with the Florida Park Service.

Early on the morning of March 6, 1865 shots rang out in southern Leon County where the St. Marks River temporarily flows underground then reemerges thus forming a natural land bridge. These shots marked the opening skirmish of the Civil War Battle of Natural Bridge. Over the course of the day, Union troops attempted to charge over the Natural Bridge. Each charge was repulsed by artillery and small arms fire by the Southern defenders. By days end, Union forces retreated to the protection of the Federal fleet at St. Marks. With the victory at the Battle of Natural Bridge, Tallahassee became the only southern capitol east of the Mississippi River not to succumb to capture during the American Civil War.

The Natural Bridge Battlefield is now part of the Florida State Park System. The site is included in the National Register of Historic Places. The Park also encompasses one of the largest fresh waters spring systems in Florida. Since 1978, a reenactment of the battle has been held at the site. The NBHS was incorporated in 1999 to work with the Florida Park Service to preserve and enhance the Natural Bridge Battlefield Historic State Park.  Members have the opportunity to participate in a number of special activities to support the Park. In addition to hosting the annual reenactment of the Battle of Natural Bridge, CSO members participate in clean-up and landscaping projects, interpretive tours, archaeological activities, and fundraising efforts.

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Annual membership dues may mailed to:
NBHS, Inc. - c/o 815 East 7th Avenue - Tallahassee, Florida 32303. and are used to support the administrative costs and project goals of the CSO.